'Mother of the Revolution'?

Been dying to know what this person I like to call Alarmed Lady thinks about the two American generals in charge of nuclear warheads getting taken down in an armed coup this week. (Not really, they were just "relieved of their duties.") This makes me feel alarmed for some reason, so I can only imagine how Alarmed… »10/12/13 10:06am10/12/13 10:06am


So now this is my blog, huh? And I can post whatever I want on here! Wow! How wordpress of Gawker. It's really too bad that I already have a blog I'm happy with. And I have no desire to "share" on Gawker or Jezebel, because I'm still cranked about not getting paid for writing anymore. The newspapers want you to pay subscriptions to get over paywalls, but all us ex-writers out here are supposed to be giving it away all over cyberspace. I feel cheap and used. Also, where the hell is the scroll control? That is all.

»4/09/13 2:16pm4/09/13 2:16pm