LOL. I decree this is a fine dad whose whole household was getting stressed out by an hourlong screamfest (!) and this was a great tension-reliever for the whole family. Except the wigged out 6-year-old. But she wasn't going to be relieved by anything apparently. » 10/21/13 10:10am 10/21/13 10:10am

Oh the booboo. I think some of my best momming is taking care of sick people, so pretend I'm fluffing your pillows and bringing you a tray with crackers and tea and orange juice and some Tylenol. And I come in every so often and feel your head and go "Hydrate, sweetie!" and give you your water (you have a straw so you… » 10/20/13 10:48pm 10/20/13 10:48pm

I just goggled Ted Casablanca and this story says he was fired for unintentionally outing Jeremy Renner. If that's true, and if Jeremy Renner hasn't stepped up and been a big boy and fixed the situation one way or another, then Jeremy Renner seems like a real asshole. » 10/19/13 9:15am 10/19/13 9:15am

Yay Magister! As someone who might be resorting to youporn or cat videos if I didn't have Gawker to waste time at, I appreciate all your hard work. I didn't know Crosstalk had a Twitter, but then I don't Tweet. Shh, dont' tell PRISM. Oh d'oh now they know! Thanks, Obama. » 10/18/13 9:42pm 10/18/13 9:42pm

Despite being a mother, I have resisted the lure of the mommy blog or the Pinterest board. But I also never pledged a sorority (Julia would have SO cunt punted me), I don't do my cuticles and you'd be appalled that I have been wearing the same two pairs of shoes now for 5 years. Oh, and the only thing I would do with… » 10/18/13 6:52pm 10/18/13 6:52pm