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'Mother of the Revolution'?

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Been dying to know what this person I like to call Alarmed Lady thinks about the two American generals in charge of nuclear warheads getting taken down in an armed coup this week. (Not really, they were just "relieved of their duties.") This makes me feel alarmed for some reason, so I can only imagine how Alarmed Lady must be feeling about the news. But she hasn't posted anything about it yet. She's probably on the run again, from any number of things.


Lately she's been saying her youtube channel, KafkaWinstonWorld, was taken down. But then followers put it back up as Kafka'sWinstonWorld. She vaguely tries to explain it in this video but I couldn't follow except to gather that the whole thing is OBVIOUSLY a VAST CONSPIRACY by the NEW WORLD ORDER or something. I don't know. This stuff fascinates me, people who think they have all the answers despite living their whole lives in Wichita or whatever.


I stumbled across Alarmed Lady on youtube one day and was hooked. Her real name is Carol but I like to call her Alarmed Lady because she's so fucking alarmed, about everything: Obama, contrails, drones, electromagnetic fields, where she'll be living. She was living in her car for a while. She talks about "before" when she had a job and health care, so I take it she's like many Americans whose standards of living have plummeted since the worldwide economic meltdown.

Most people would probably call Alarmed Lady a conspiracy nut. I've seen fans on her channel call her "Mother of the Revolution." THAT would be something, if Carol turns up leading an armed junta in five years.


I like Carol's voice. There's some strength about her, like I could see her corraling horses or being a hospice nurse. I could also see her being a great con artist because she's attractive, charismatic and sometimes sounds pretty sensible. Until she doesn't, and I have to switch her off. Her virulent hatred for Obama in particular is queaemaking. (Maybe I'm old school, but you don't talk that way about a President, period, I don't care who you voted for. I never even called George Bush a name. Well, in public on youtube. Perhaps that has something to do with her channel being taken down.)

So anyway, I'm waiting to see if Carol will post on the generals. Yeah, I have no life....

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